Making All Things New

"I need more Perception"
Welcome to the session write-ups for my In Nomine campaign, which has been temporarily dubbed Making All Things New because I can't think of anything better at the moment. I'd like to thank Mike Abbott (Magariel) for lending me his notes (four pages of closely written A4) which are rather more complete than my own (one page of names and dates, some of which are even connected)!

In Nomine is a roleplaying game published by Steve Jackson Games, upon whose collective heads may blessings be poured. It contains mature reflections of religious and moral themes, as well as the opportunity to go after demons with BFGs, and strives to be even-handedly heretical to all the major western religions. Some people may find some of the content offensive; I on the other hand have no problem distinguishing fantasy from theology.

I have stolen liberally, as ever, in putting this campaign together. While I have no intention of revealing all my sources as yet, I would like to thank Steve Jackson Games for the GM Pack Scenario that I, ahem, elaborated on, and the makers of The New Professionals for giving me an idea I couldn't refuse. Other thanks will have to wait until my usage becomes too blatant for the players to miss!

Updates to this page will be somewhat irregular. I tend to only make updates after we've finished a scenario, and there are usually gaps of several months between scenarios. Several months real-time, that is — in three scenarios we've played about a fortnight of game-time!

CI5 The New Professionals, Sam Curtis and Chris Keel belong to Brian Clements and David Wickes Productions. I make no claim to own the characters or concepts; no copyright infringement is intended and no profit is being made from the content of this site.

In Nomine is the property of Steve Jackson Games, based on INS/MV designed by Asmodee Games. A Feast Of Blades is based on the scenario of that name also published by Steve Jackson Games. No copyright infringement is intended in either case. Thanks for the great concept, folks!

That's enough legal stuff. I'm not claiming anyone's copyright, least of all my players' inventions!

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